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High Speed Interconnects


Cable Assemblies You Can Rely On

High Speed Interconnects (HSI) is a leading American company which extrudes and assembles high-performance coaxial cable, exceeding today's signal integrity requirements. HSI’s low-loss, low-capacitance, phase-stable, coaxial interconnect solutions are available in a variety of cable constructions, which include circular and micro coaxial connector terminations down to 0.3 mm pitch; and fine wire, direct-to-board terminations down to 0.175 mm.


Flexible, Micro-Coaxial and Coaxial Cables

The Ultimate Flexible Solution is Here.

High Speed Interconnects (“HSI”) is your high-performance,flexible, micro-coaxial and coaxial cable assembly manufac-turer. HSI’s flexible cable assemblies incorporate proprietary membranes and films, which deliver exceptional insertion loss, phase stability, capacitance, and velocity of propaga-tion. Our flexible coaxial cables are intended to be pack-aged as discrete, ribbonized, or bundled configurations and terminated to a variety of circular connectors (SMA, MMCX, SMP), micro-coaxial connectors down to 0.3 mm pitch, and micro-miniature pitches down to 0.175 mm.

HSI has established an entire team, manufacturing center and proven technology platform which strives to exceed todays most stringent signal integrity requirements. Use the performance data below to create a baseline for your next high-performance coaxial cable assembly.


• Ultra-low Insertion Loss
• Exceptional Phase Stability
• Low Capacitance
• Tunable Impedance
• Velocity of Propagation up to 90%



• Extrusion of Flexible, Micro-Coaxial and Coaxial Cable Assemblies

  • Fine-wire Termination Down to 0.175 mm Pitch

  • Single, Discrete, Ribbonized, Multi-conductor Packaging

  • Twinax, Triax Twisted, Shielded Pairs, Shielded Parallel

    Pairs, Differential Pairs, and Other Multi-conductor Solutions

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 4.02.53 PM.png


Embedded Devices High Speed Servers Interventional Catheters Medical Imaging Patient Monitoring Radar

Robotics SatelliteSemiconductorsSurgical

Test and Measurement Ultrasound
Wireless Broadband

Single-use CMOS camera assemblies as small as 0.1mm pitch
Ideal for medical applications such as minimally Invasive endoscopes with low-loss mico-miniatture coaxial cable with microscopic terminations.
200 x 200 px at 30 fps Based on OVM6948
400 x 400 px at 30 fps Based on OVM6946
800 x 800 px at 60 fps Based on OC0SA10
Wide 120/90 FOV
Analog / MIPI output
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