Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are becoming increasingly popular trends in the realm of consumer electronics. Bosch Sensortec offers the best solutions to enhance your AR and VR experience with comprehensive motion sensors that prevent motion sickness. Are you curious why? Find out below!

World of gaming

You most probably know about AR and VR from the world of gaming, but these technologies also have a promising future in retail and industrial applications, as well as in social communications. It is critical for AR, and especially VR devices, to ensure that the movement of the virtual image corresponds exactly to the movement of the user’s head, taking into account that even small deviations or drift effects may cause nausea, known as the motion sickness effect. We can help you to overcome this issue and to enjoy a better user experience by providing you with Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), the corresponding fusion software, knowhow for system integration into smartphones and dedicated VR headsets, all in compliance with leading platforms such as slotted VR.

System performance

High temperature fluctuations inside and outside of a typical VR device, such as a smartphone or a head mounted display, are observed during the VR mode because demanding computing-intensive image processing operations are required. With our low drift gyroscopes, we can guarantee outstanding VR and AR system performance, regardless of temperature fluctuations. This is the result of Bosch’s expertise in developing automotive sensor technologies: a combination of advanced MEMS technology and very robust analog-to-digital closed loop conversion, which results in low drift despite temperature variations. Furthermore, in order to offer the lowest possible motion-to-photon latency, we have developed a specialized 9 Degrees-of-Freedom (DoF) sensor fusion software that features in-built auto-calibration algorithms and provides precise orientation data output.

Virtual reality to touch

Manus Virtual reality gloves utilize BHI160 to integrate your hands with the virtual world

Virtual reality (VR) is not only a fast growing trend in the world of consumer electronics, but also offers far-reaching potential in retail and industrial applications. With the unceasing development of new technologies, the VR world has been increasingly converging with the real world, to create a new dimension called mixed reality. One developer driving these groundbreaking trends is Manus VR. It has developed an intelligent glove that allows one to experience the virtual world "first hand"! Enabled by our BHI160 smart-hub sensor, the Manus glove tracks real-life hand movements and projects them in real-time into the VR world. Whether direct interaction in computer gaming, or training astronauts for space missions, our BHI160 opens up a rich plethora of possibilities for interaction with the virtual world!