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OmniVision’s New Big-Pixel PureCel® Image Sensor Enables Ultra Low-Light Sensitivity in Professional

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The OS02A Features a ½-Inch Optical Format, Superior Low-Light Performance, and the ability to capture High-Resolution Images and Video for Downstream Analysis SANTA CLARA, Calif., — April 5, 2017— OmniVision Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, today announced the OS02A, a new large 4-micron pixel image sensor for high-end professional security cameras. Built on OmniVision’s PureCel® technology, the OS02A is OmniVision’s first image sensor with a ½-inch optical format capable of capturing 1080p full high definition (HD) video at 60 frames per second (FPS) with staggered high dynamic range (HDR). The sensor’s advanced capabilities, including crisp resolution video and optimized low-light performance, enable downstream analytics and a host of advanced features such as night vision. “OmniVision is focusing its development efforts on improving image quality when recording in extremely difficult lighting conditions to meet the needs of today’s security and surveillance cameras,” said Chris Yiu, senior strategic marketing manager at OmniVision. “Our goal is to offer a wide variety of solutions for different market segments, having a competitive and specialized offering for every use case. We see the OS02A as a key step forward for high end applications in this sector, offering advanced technologies and exceptional pixel performance that can help capture detailed scene information in both day and night environments.” Designed for wired security applications, the OS02A captures 1080p full HD images and video at 60 FPS with high dynamic range (HDR), enabling excellent scene reproduction in extremely high- and low-light conditions. Additional features include:

  • Staggered 2-exposure HDR, which is widely supported by back-end image signal processors

  • Large 4-micron PureCel pixel architecture for enhanced low-light performance

  • 11-degree chief ray angle for wide-angle or fisheye lenses

The OS02A is expected to be available for sampling in April, and to enter volume production in the third quarter of 2017.

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