New Anti-Shaking Camera Component That Fits Into Every Mobile Device

Get Amazingly High-Quality Images In Low-Light Shaky Conditions



The MGS (Micro Gimbal Stabilizer) is a patented mechanical stabilizer tilting an image sensor and a lens together, like traditional gimbals. This enables superb anti-shaking performance for wearable devices to take sharp images even in low-light environments.

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MGA190A Series

  • Mechanical stabilizer 

  • Large compensation angle (±5deg)

  • Suitable for super wide-angle lens 

  • Integrated and compact design 

  • Simple and easy to use solution 

  • Much lower power consumption than GS 

  • Size: 18.8 x 18.8 x 15.8mm

  • Focus: Fixed Focus

  • Max. FOV: 160deg

  • Max. Compensation Angle: ±5deg

  • Weight: 12g

  • Supported Sensors: Most Sony STARVIS (≤1/2.5"), IMX327 & IMX335

  • Customize fixed focus lens

  • The MGS CCMs (Compact Camera Modules) also support a wide variety of other lenses and sensors