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Leading Technologie

Truly Opto-electronics Ltd. is committed to developing, manufacturing and selling capacitive touch panel, compact camera module,touch display integrated module,fingerprint identification, precision glass etc.

   The capacity touch panel of Truly Opto-electronics Ltd. includes OGS type and Film type. With leading production facilities, Truly has one world-leading cell OGS production line, one sheet OGS production line , one automotive roll-to-roll film production line, one traditional glass CTP production line, one film CTP production line and one cover lens production line.

   Truly Opto compact camera module has both COB and CSP manufacturing process. Truly can produce 21 mega pixel camera module, and has its own high precise wafer cutting production line . TRULY camera module has been widely used in mobile phone, tablet PC, consumer electronics, automotive ,industrial and medical products.

   Optical Integration Touch Module includes full lamination products ,normal lamination products and 3-piece lamination products(mobile phone upper cover, touch and display panel). Full lamination products includes solid OCA and liquid glue full lamination products. The products are widely applied to mobile phone and tablet PC etc.

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